The Moores of Lanark County

Lawrence E. Moore, son of Thomas Moore, Lanark county

Although I was using this blog to relate to non-related topics (ie., genealogy and life,  not specific strands of the family), I decided it was time to use this device to publish what I am doing and investigating, and thereby help others in the same quest.  If you should happen to have information of interest, please send in your comments with your email address.

I am investigating William Moore b. abt. 1800 in Ireland (likely Down), living in South Sherbrooke, Lanark County South, Ontario, Canada from about 1829-1851.  He appears on the 1842 census for Lanark County with his wife Winnifred (Stephens) and children, but no more.

His son, Thomas Moore, Esq. of South Sherbrooke, was the Reeve of that county and of Oso/Frontenac for many years in the 1860s and 70s.  He was born abt. 1829 in Ireland.  He married Margaret Chambers, also of Ireland.  She was born in Ballydugan, Warringstown, Down, daughter of Moses Chambers and Sarah Harrison.  Both Moses and Sarah lived in South Sherbrooke with them, along with his mother from Ireland, Susanah.  I am sorry I cannot go into infinite details here, for it would take me eons – if you are interested, please write to me.

Another Thomas Moore, a Dr. of Picton, is also a possible nearby relative of this family, and is famous for having punched Sir John A MacDonald in the nose, and for being fined 6 shillings to settle the matter.  He served Picton for many years and was also very prominent in that town.  His daughter, Catherine Anne Moore, had dealings with the Moores and other families in South Sherbrooke, and appears on many land registry files.  She purchased land from our Thomas Moore of South Sherbrooke when he was liquidating some of his assets in 1877.  Our hypothesis is that she is a cousin of Thomas, and their fathers were brothers:  Dr. Thomas Moore of Picton and William Moore of South Sherbrooke.  Dr. Thomas Moore was born in Dundonald, Down, Ireland in 1796 as per his death record.

At the moment I am investigating the following associate names:  GARRETT, BUCHANAN, NORRIS, KORRY, MORROW, CHAMBERS, HUGHES.  I would like to surmise the migration pattern of these families from Ireland to South Sherbrooke/Bathurst/Lanark County South, Ontario in the 1820s-1840s.

In particular, if anyone has any  information on Thomas Hughes and Robert Hughes who purchased land and lived in South Sherbrooke, Iwould like to be in touch with you.  Robert Hughes married Letitia Chambers, a sister to Margaret Chambers above, and lived on the same land as our Moores in South Sherbrooke. I believe the families were very close, and wonder if they happened to migrate in a pattern from Ireland around 1827-1829. I have Township Papers with their signatures from the Archives of Ontario.

More “Moore” to come.

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  1. […] these boxes, we found my great-great grandparents Lawrence E. Moore and Emma Belle Deacon staring out from their front porch rockers in […]

  2. Krista

    I am writing about the early pioneers of South Sherbrooke township and would like to include your Moores. What Concession and Lot did they live on?

    South Sherbrooke Township is now a part of Tay Valley Township, and the 200th Anniversary of settlement in the area is coming up. Thats why I`m writing about the pioneers.

    Karen Prytula

    • Yes, Karen, I sent you an email.

  3. Hello I am of the Moore line of Lanark Ontario James Moore and Ann Roe. James was the son of John Moore. James was born October 20 1833 in Marlboro Lanark Co Ontario. Would love to find the connection of him to the other Lanark Moores Toni of Manitoba

    • Hi Tony, would you like me to add you to my Lanark research email group? We are engaging in the Maberly/Lanark Moore search – I’m not sure if we’re related, but it might be worth your while to be a member and I will include you on updates. Also, I have the FB page for “That’s Relative!” if you are on there.
      Email me at: Thanks.

      • Sorry i didn’t see the reply until now. Yes please do. Thank you for getting back to me so fast.

      • Hi Tony,
        Thanks for responding. Sorry we’ve not been emailing as much in the last year, but I would like to know how the Lanark Moores are all related. I am just piecing together whether we are related to the Craigantlet/Dundondald, Down, Ireland clan, where Dr. Thomas Moore was born. They have many James Moores in that family and it seems odd that our Moores in South Sherbrooke would not be related to Moores in the same township. They did usually travel together or to the same places. Let me know where yours came from, anything else you know and perhaps it will connect together.


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