Finding My Native Roots in Mary Beaton of Exploits, Newfoundland

Hello all!  (Updated Dec 2019)

It has been quite some time since my last communication.  I have opened up my mother’s side of the family now, moving from Moores in Ireland, to the Gills and Beatons in Dominion Point, Exploits, Newfoundland.

There is a Native Canadian (Mi’kmaq) connection to my 6th Great Grandmother, Mary Beaton b. between 1795-1815 in Exploits Burnt Island Nfld, mother of Charles Beaton Gill, wife of James Gill, and a servant in Captain PEYTON’s house with the last Beothuk SHAWNADITHIT (“Nance April”), and her granddaughter, Sophia Ellen Gill (b. July 8, 1859, Peter’s Arm, Newfoundland), who had a son, Nathaniel Gill, adopted by Charles and Mary Ann Hart of Botwood, Newfoundland.

Mary Beaton’s son, my 3rd Gr-Grandfather: Charles BEATON GILL b. 1832 Kite Cove/Exploits, Nfld d. 1887 Botwood Nfld

Looking forward to a chat with my mother and Aunt Daphne “Down Home” for some good old legend mixed with fact. (Dec 2019 Family update: This trip to Newfoundland occurred in 2012, Aunt Daphne died this year 2019, and I will be putting out some of her and her sister Jean’s wonderful tales in the coming year).

Dec 2019 DNA Update: DNA evidence now supports our indigenous roots in Mary Beaton, on my mother’s side. Her brother tested positive 0.1% as well as a cousin on her father’s side, both direct descendants of Mary Beaton, their 5x Mi’kmaq Great Grandmother. 

Krista Moore

“That’s Relative!” – Finding Yourself in Your Family Tree.

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  1. Mary was Micmac based on the info my family has on her … She was my 5x Great Grandmother. She did work for Mr. Payton. My sister has done most of the research on this & has several stories that go along with it.

    • Gloria,
      Thank you for responding. The only info we have on Mary Beaton is mostly by word of mouth – as most Indian legends go! Her son apparently told a journalist she was micmac, but we never saw evidence of this in the book that he was quoted in. If you have more than we have, I would love to see it. I sent you an email, and hopefully we can connect.
      Thank you,

  2. Have you found out any further information on this Krista??? I think I just responded to another post you had on a different site. I didn’t remember posting a comment here … LOL! I have pulled everything back out & am trying to figure some more things out!!! Any more info would be great!

    • Hi Gloria,
      As I responded on the other board, no I haven’t, but I continue to stay open to it. There seem to be many people working on this, and so far it all seems to be “story” and heresay – of course we respect that as all families pass down the “truth” in stories, but with genealogy we are still hunting for facts and so far have no records to prove it. My understanding is she was an Indian servant in Mr. Peyton’s house, and married James Gill. My friend Bud Beaton who lives at the base in Botwood knows an awful lot about it and gave me the materials for the family tree. He has proven indian status based on his grandmother – and is a distant cousin of mine/ours. But he had papers to prove it. So we can just keep trying and hope someone strikes gold! Thanks for commenting.

  3. HI krista, I’ve read your info on Mary Beaton and would be great if you could forward the findings. Charles beaton and sarah Ball 4thgr grandparents their daughter Alice Gill was my 3gr grandmother. Thanking You Kindly.I’ve been searching for years.

    • Ann please write to me at: and I would be happy to share what I have for the Beaton family. I feel we are likely on the same page!

      Stay tuned.
      Krista Moore

  4. I just began this quest also.

    • Yes Mary Beaton was a micmac, Alice Gill her daughter was my grgrgr
      grandmother. I remember my mother telling us that there was french and aboriginal, in our family. Thatis why the french language came so easy to us in school.

      • Hi Ann, I must have missed this note you sent me regarding Mary Beaton. Thank you! And looks like we are relatives. That’s relative! My mother Mary Hart also felt French came very easy to her growing up, and feels an affinity to the natural environment. Thanks for writing!

        Krista Moore

    • Dave, thank you for sending all of the information. It was quite helpful. It is good to know we have so many Beaton cousins. By chance, do you know a Gerald (Bud) Beaton who lives with his wife Sadie at the base in Botwood Nfld. He too has a lot of information on the Beatons, and he comes from the line with Mary Paul. I met him in 2012 and he took us to Peter’s Arm and Wigwam point where our ancestors lived and married. So fascinating to think that we are all related! Perhaps we need a Beaton family reunion!

  5. It would be great to have a Beaton family reunion,,,I know Mary was supposedly Micmac but unfortunately we do not have any records to confirm this. Also my DNA shows no evidence of Micmac lineage. Help…Merry Christmas to one and all.
    Diane Gill Butler

    • Hello Diane, thank you for your reply. My uncle who is a direct descendant of Mary Beaton tested positive for Native American on 23andme, as did another relation, both descended from Nathaniel Gill Hart (from Sophia Ellen Gill and her father Charles Beaton Gill). So, the DNA shows that they have a 5th or 6th grandparent with native blood, and that would be Mary Beaton. I am younger and therefore did not test positive. Not everyone will receive that DNA. But it IS in the family that descends from her, the older generations. Take care! and Merry Christmas.
      Krista Moore

  6. Hi Krista, I just accidentally found this now..very interesting. I may be an offspring of Charles. My grandmother was Philipina Gill from Botwood, she had 4 children Malcolm, Carl, Gladys, and Laudrick (my father).. Any kinfolks out there?

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