Moore & Chambers of Dundonald Newtownards Down

I am back! After a long hiatus, I have reclaimed my genealogical map, my puzzle pieces and clues, my missing links and my stubborn brick walls in my research papers.  I have reconnected with long-lost cousins floating on with no response on my part for over a year.  I have realized – no determined – that I have ENOUGH, I know ENOUGH, and that the answer to this mystery is right in front of my nose.

Hence I have picked up my quill (aka. blog post), armed with what I know, and will put it down as best I can, inferring the rest with common sense and the obvious, blatantly obvious gifts that I neglected to claim long ago. It’s TIME!  The Moore Family tree deserves this last piece to link us to our Irish ancestors and enjoy the benefits of my ancestral and current family, brought together at last by intriguing stories and the knowledge that we are the offspring who will now carry those legends (and create new ones) into the future.

Alas!  Here I am.  Let’s get started, shall we?


My people (Moores) came from Ireland about 1829, likely from around Belfast, in a place called Dundonald, Down.  That is where our distant cousin, Dr. Thomas Moore of Picton, born 1796, and his most likely brother, my Gr-Gr-Gr Grandfather, William Moore were born (parish names may vary).  There are many William Moores in that vicinity, as well you can imagine, along with Thomases.  Movilla cemetery in Newtownards nearby is filled with them, along with Samuels, Hughs and other related men who are waiting to finally be claimed as fathers, brothers and cousins on this disconnected family tree.  I’m over here! they sing – you’re almost there!  Just connect the dots and it is complete.

They say, begin with the end in mind.  So, here it is:

This is the headstone of my likely Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr grandfather buried in Movilla in Newtownards, Northern Ireland (near Belfast and Dundonald, Down), born 1720:

William Moore 1720 Movilla Cemetary Newtownards Down Ireland

William Moore 1720 Movilla Cemetary Newtownards Down Ireland


A David A. Chambers has contacted me who lives in the area and has offered to provide pictures from Movilla, and any other information pertaining to the family.  Chambers is the name of the family who married into the Moores before Ontario I am sure.  My Gr-Gr-Gr grandfather Thomas Moore of Maberly, Ontario, (Reeve/Mayor of South Sherbrooke), married Margaret Chambers, daughter of Moses Chambers – Moses and his wife Sarah Harrison married in Tullyish, Down (Dec. 30, 1824) at a quaint All Saints church in Tullyish, Down, where the famous poet W.B. Yeats’ grandfather had been minister (I’ll dig that up again shortly).  Here is the church:

All Saints Church Tullyish Ireland (were Chambers married) Yeats minister

All Saints Church Tullyish Ireland (where Moses Chambers married) Rev. W.B. Yeats served 1836-1862, grandfather of famous poet/dramatist of same name

The Moores and Chambers moved around a lot, so sometimes it is hard to connect them from one town or village to another. Especially if they move half way around the world!  But trailing them is a life long passion of mine – insane as that is, because, well, it’s fun. And I can’t wait to go to Ireland to celebrate all OUR hard work.

My next job is to take this William Moore 1720 and put together a family tree for him – his sons and daughters, and see how that connects in with my more recent ones.  I am sure my William had not only a Thomas as a brother, but also a John,  George or Hugh.  For example, I think I have found the father of said William Moore 1720, to be a possible John Moore 1683 of Ballyskeah.  If I sort it by the centuries I will have a list of names for each generation, and the linking will become easier and more obvious.

My thanks to Maree Moore of Australia for providing most of the information on the Craigantlet Moores who are in that area and are likely related.

MOORE to come, soon….

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  1. Dear Krista,

    Just want you to know I am still looking for the ship, and the exact date your Moore’s came to Maberly. Am reading a good book called Irish Immigration to the Canada’s by Bruce Elliott. Although I am half way through the book I have found no Moore’s so far, he does talk a lot about Irish settlement in the tract of land between Ottawa and South Sherbrooke. I could just jump to the index, but I have not looked ahead just in case there is no index!!! What is consistent throughout the book is that most Irish people settled here where there were already other Irish people, and that it was ‘chain migration’ in his terms meaning that families came to join other families. Of course we could have assumed that anyways. But, something else I found interesting so far is that he speaks to a large movement of Irish, away from Lanark County to Lambton where some of your ancestors went. So far he does not touch on a ‘new wave’ or religion, but attributes it mostly to better quality land suited for farming. And that is true! The land in Maberly is too rocky and swampy for farming, but there were pockets of good land, near rivers etc…like your Deacons settled on. Did you know they had a mill there at the old Deacon place? Yes a prominent one. I just can’t remember which kind right now; I think it was a lumber mill. Prior to the mill, so this would be early in the 1800s the Deacons used the river Tay to float their lumber all the way to Perth. I’m not sure if it was milled there, or if they continued the floating through the Tay Canal, Rideau Canal, and then to the St. Lawrence for its destination in England.

  2. From one Moore researcher to another best of luck. Of all my family lines this is the toughest to make progress with.

  3. Krista,

    I am researching the Harrisons of Ballydugan, on the border between Counties Down and Armagh. Births were often registered in the district of Waringtown or Warington, Armagh.

    Could you e-mail me, please? Since this is a public blog, I’ll write it in secret code:

    pkljdl AT
    The letters are: PKLJDL
    Use all lower case. There should be no space.

    I would like to send you a 4-page chart of the Harrisons of Ballydugan. They may go back to Seagoe Parish in Co. Armagh.

    Also I am in contact with at least four people who descend from the Harrisons of Ballydugan.

    Polly LYNN

    • Hello Polly LYNN, looks like I missed this important note you sent me last November – my apologies. I would be happy to be in touch with you on the Harrisons of Ballydugan, Down, Ireland. I will email you at the address given, and share my ancestry info as well – a public tree. Thanks for writing!

      Krista Moore

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