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Published on May 20, 2011 at 2:28 pm  Comments (17)  

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  1. […] If you have any information concerning this family, please contact me. […]

    • I am a great great grand daughter of Dr. Thomas Moore. There were 2 Dr. Thomas Moore’s in Picton, father and then son. My dad’s grandmother was the daughter of Dr. Thomas Moore, Jr. (It was his father who punched Sir John A.) I was very close to my Dad’s aunt who was Sarah Moore Carr’s daughter. I am positive that the Moore’s are buried in the Protestant Cementry in Picton.

      My husband and I visit the cementry once a year, and can send you the information and pictures of the gravesites, if you like.

      Marilynne Carr Nowell

      • Hi Marilyn, hope you are well! I would love to reconnect and exchange more pictures of the Moores. I have recently connected with another Moore relative in the states through DNA, and we now have a new Moore relative who was adopted and came from our family – she also has a Carr connection which is fascinating. Hope to discuss soon!

        Thank you!
        Krista Moore

    • Hi Krista, My name is Bud Van Alstine and I was born and raised in South Sherbrooke–Maberly. I believe that my brother now owns Lot 14, Conc 10. I knew a Cyril and Mary Moore, and Harry Moore who used to work in the service station that has been changed into the Fall River Pub. Mary Moore taught me in Public School, Cyril farmed one concession south of the Pub, Harry was a WW11 war vet I believe. Harry’s wife still lives in Maberly__in sight of the pub on No. 7 Highway. My family is related to the Van Ness that you mention. The VanAlstines and the Van Ness’ are Dutch backgroun–United Empire Loyalists who settled in Adolphustown–on Hwy 33 as you journey west towards Picton–just before the ferry. (By the way I taught public school in Picton in 1960-61.) At the moment I am involved with the idea of helping South Sherbrooke(now part 0f Tay Valley Township) with its 200th anniversary, and trying to decide what to do with a couple of books that I have written. Perhaps we have some common interests/causes. I have appointed myself as somewhat of the local historian in the rural townships. I taught history in Perth Collegiate for twenty-some years, and had a local history section. I have been retired for twenty years, but am still infinitely curious about “history”. My latest book is a fiction but it is located just south of Maberly, takes in two wars, two generations,and is located in Moore-Deacon country. By the way I also know the local Deacons–Maberly variety. Give me a call if you are inclined. My phone number is 613-466-0670. My e-mail is

      • Hello Bud I would love to connect again regarding the Maberly /Perth history and the Moore-Deacon clan. I now have a picture of Winnifred Stevens, wife of William Moore, b. about 1800, she remarried Thomas Garrett. They are the pioneers of the Moore family you speak of. Let me take down your number and give you a call!
        Thank you for your much needed input. I would be open to visiting Maberly again and touring around, this time with more information.

        Krista Moore

  2. I have a relative buried in the Cedar Chapel Cemetery named Hannah Suzannah (Buchanan) (Moore) Bone who was interred in 1898. Would you please tell me the Whereabouts of this elusive cemetery?

    • I suspect that is Laidley’s cemetery at Maberly, ON. In pioneer days the church there was called the cedar church.

      • Hello Bud/Bill? I appreciate your words, and apologize for the delay in my response. My emails went to the wrong place so I did not receive this. Thank you for the reminder that the original church that was on the Moore property was called the “cedar church”, a Wesleyan methodist church. Do you know if there were any clergy at the time, or an itinerant preacher, or did the families preach in turn within the community? Anyhow did they relate to their Anglican Church of Ireland roots? did some return when the anglicans came to town? I would also like to read your book / writings on the history of Lanark county.
        Thank you!
        Krista Moore

  3. Yes, there is a connection to the Beaton name and the Micmac. My dad told me about it on one of my summer trips to his cabin in central Newfie. The cabin was built beside Constance Lake near Beaton’s Look out. Beaton’s look out my dad said was where either my great or great-great grandfather hunted caribou.

    • Thanks for writing Dave! I will have to make sure I tell my mother this regarding her Beaton heritage.

  4. I know that my sister had a family tree done when I was just a small boy. She read the part about being a descendant of a Micmac and destroyed the document.

    • Hi Dave, that’s unfortunate your sister destroyed the document, but there are plenty of people out there, and a book entitled “River Lords” which in essence proves she was – her son says so.
      Thanks for writing,
      Krista Moore

  5. This blog is amazing and so cool! You and I are related, Krista! We re fourth cousins on 23 and me, to which our common relatives are Hart/Gill/Beaton! Thanks for all of your hard work and research.

    • You’re very welcome, Ree! Thank you for writing to me. I hope to continue to build more stories here, and post my family tree somewhere others can use. Take care cousin!

  6. I would love to know if you and I are related through our DNA. My Great Great…grandfather James Moore was born in Lanark Ontario and came to MB. He died in 1888 in Portage La Prairie MB. I would bet that we match at some point. His father according to will would have been a John Moore but I know nothing more. I have the Lot and Conc they lived at in Ontario. Toni

    • My great great grandfather was Dr. Thomas Moore. His father (Dr. Thomas Moore, Sr.) did come from Ireland. But he came from Antrim.
      I asked my dad’s cousin Catherine Moore Carr’s, if he thought that Krista was related to us. He said no. When Dr. Thomas Carr came to Canada, he landed in Halifax and then continued on the Prince Edward County. He settled in Picton where he raised his family. I know that Krista was trying to tie him to her family in Maberley (??) near Ottawa. But Jim says no. Jim is 90 years old and lives in Arizona.


      • Hi Mailymne There is some connection between our Moore families because Dr. Thomas Moore’s daughter Catherine Moore bought the land from my Thomas Moore in Maberly near Perth. she was also in touch with the Deacons who married into the Moore’s. Dr. Thomas Moore’s daughter Sarah also married John Gray who was my Thomas Moore’s banker in Perth Ontario. The Moore family of Picton definitely connected with the Moore family in Maberly and Perth. Perhaps DNA will answer the question!

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